Water sports in Perros-Guirec

The nautical centre is located on the main beach in Trestraou, offering a wide range of activities whether or not you're a sports enthusiast.

Sailing, kayaking, paddle surfing, longe-coasting, sea excursions, rentals, group tuition, individual tuition - you can experience the Pink Granite Coast from every angle as you experiment with the various water sports on offer.

The professionals will supply all the equipment you need for the various activities: wetsuits, lifejackets, windcheaters, etc., and there's access to comfortable, secure changing rooms.

The nautical centre has a fleet of around 150 craft - plenty of catamarans suitable for use by different age groups, windsurf boards, sea kayaks, solo and duo sailing dinghies, traditional yachts, etc.

The centre in Trestraou also has a surf school. The director is Alexis Deniel, who is the European paddle surf champion; he and the other instructors at PSS (Perros Surf School) will share with you their love of surf sports.

Another surf activity you can enjoy along the coast is kite surfing. The kite school is based at Saint Quay Perros, but travels around. The instructors will make an appointment with you somewhere between Port Blanc and Grande Île, depending on the wind and waves.

There are lots of places on the Pink Granite Coast for shore fishing enthusiasts, and you can find clams, prawns, razor clams and winkles depending on the season.

You can also go sea-fishing with Patrick Seigneur. Go out for a day’s fishing with a picnic at lunchtime. Patrick will loan you all the equipment you need and will guide you throughout the trip. You can fish for sea bass, pollack or mackerel.

Our favourite activity is 'longe-coasting' - walking through the sea in a wetsuit accompanied by a guide. It's great for toning-up and relaxation and is practiced all year round!